Hello from the Hoyts

Hello All,

A few updates from us in Colorado.

Steve is designing remotely for eMi Uganda, starting to manage donor relations for the north eastern region of eMi USA, and continues to fundraise for our team.
Thanks to our new team members and friends. Please pray for these upcoming trips:

  1. Donor meetings for eMi global in April 
  2. Design workshop and mission team meetings in Uganda targeted for June.

Melinda is working part time as an elderly companion. She continues to assist with fundraising and caring for the needs of the family. Pray for words of comfort and encouragement as she shares God’s compassion with her new friend with Parkinson’s.

Madeline graduates this May and is participating in a gap year. She is planning on volunteering with an organization called World Wide Organic Farming (WWOF). Netherlands is her desired host country. Please pray for God’s will in this endeavor. 

Janet has just been given the opportunity to volunteer with the Navigators at the YMCA in Estes Park. Pray for God’s peace and presence in all her interactions serving there.

Sophia is nearing the end of her Freshman year at Rutgers, getting top scores and loving her classes. She is moving from the international dorms to an apartment on the bus route next year. Pray for continuing success and great roommates and future friends.

Hannah is managing the drama of middle school like a champ. Hasn’t missed a day of school, made a few friends, and is loved by the staff. She has just discovered the fun of roller skating. Pray for continued emotional stability and direction in her academic performance. Thanking God for her health. 

Best news yet – Hope was granted her visa to the USA and we are excited to see her in November. Pray for all the travel arrangements and work completed in time for a long break.

Thanks for your continued prayers for the Hoyt’s, for Uganda, for the lost, and for the Ukrainian people and all people facing violence both foreign or domestic.

The HoytsTo learn more about eMi globally feel free to join our CEO John Dalman as he gives his regular update via Zoom.

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Lots of Hoyt Family Updates

The last few years have been difficult to say the least. Without getting into too much detail, many things have added up including the COVID-19 pandemic, Kenyan border and school closures, anxiety and depression, extended work hours with minimal breaks. It was unfortunately the perfect storm.

I know a lot of you have been praying. Thank you! We have faced some significant challenges emotionally and academically with Hannah. She has struggled in Kenya and was not responsive to the level of care we were able to attain with school counselors, therapists, and academic specialists. Since being back in Colorado, we have gotten the help she has needed and she is responding well.

As a family, for the next few years, we will be stationed with eMi here in Colorado Springs to continue therapeutic and academic assistance for Hannah.
I will continue to serve His calling in ministry by splitting my time working in Uganda and in the Springs. I am working with the Director of the Ugandan office full time on a rotating schedule. This will allow me several months onsite in Uganda managing the Fabrication Workshop intermixed with several months back in the USA with my family serving out of the Colorado Springs office. I will provide detailed shop drawings, quality control standards, design revisions, and weekly workshop zoom meetings for continuity of leadership and continued mentoring of the up and coming Ugandan fabrication workshop manager trainee while in the USA. Being in the same building as the Global eMi team allows me to contribute to the advancement of Construction Management and Fabrication Workshop discipleship opportunities in our other offices around the world. I am excited to be able to help my kids with this time of transition while continuing to serve eMi in Uganda and Colorado.

Please pray for the following:

  • Our support is down $2,000 USD per month. We are in the process of meeting new people and inviting them to join our monthly support team. Please pray and consider giving if you can afford $100, $200, $500 per month that would be great. Perhaps, if you feel comfortable, we would appreciate you connecting us to like-minded friends and coworkers. It just takes an email from you to introduce us. You can attach one of the various forms of social media that represent eMi and what we do.
  • We are looking for speaking/presenting engagements. Small or large we need to meet new people after having lived in East Africa for 16 years. Travel is fine.
  • Since we will be based in Colorado Springs for a few years, we are looking to purchase a small home. It’s actually cheaper to buy in the Springs than to rent. Reasons to buy now:
    • 1. Building equity makes more sense than paying costly rents
    • 2. It helps give the girls, who are transitioning, roots in the USA/CO
    • 3. It can be rented or sold and help eventually build our home in Uganda, where we already own land. We are planning to build a small home with Hope who also works with eMi in Uganda. We will, God willing, work in Uganda rather than retiring.

Our credit is great, and when we get our support back up, we can afford the monthly mortgage payments (ironically we can’t afford to rent). Thanks to our faithful supporters that helped us raise the down payment. Blessings to you!

  • Please pray for the Hoyt’s emotional health while transitioning to this new routine and a new way of life for the next few years.

Now for the individual updates of the Hoyt ladies:

Melinda is awesome. For the past few years, she has carried quite a load on her shoulders. And then upon arriving in Colorado Springs, she hit the ground running. Health insurance, Schools, University, an affordable car, fundraising etc. She’s a rock star. From within the perfect storm she has relied on the Lord and carried us through. I lack the words to describe this. I don’t know where we’d be without her. And as I write, she’s plugging away at making all of this work. She will be helping to renovate the house we buy, running kids all over to counseling and medical appointments, classes, and jobs (Madeline is learning to drive but can’t get a license until August) and keeping up with the family/home administration.
Sophia is in University at Rutgers. She’s loving it. A degree in stage management and a minor in psychology seems to be exactly what she’s made for. Probable internship on Broadway? Yup! Making friends? Of course. Culturally it’s helping her to be living in an international university apartment. Many cultures present. African, Asian, Central and South American, European, Australian. But none from Antarctica J… maybe some penguins will show up next year. We miss her so much.
Janet is taking a gap year. Currently working at Jimmy Johns (a local sandwich shop). Janet has quite a social bone. She loves being around and serving people. Janet has a beautifully gentle soul. A lot of you already know that. Being actively involved with the Navigators has brought her joy and fellowship. She has applied with them to work within their campus ministry program. Please pray for God’s will so she can step out and share His love, His story in her life, and begin her adult calling.
Madeline is in her senior year of high school here in Colorado Springs. She’s finding that compared to RVA the school work is not much of a challenge. I think that’s ok since she’s right in the middle of a big cultural adjustment. She’s also working at an arts and crafts store called Michael’s. She’s observing and discovering a lot more cultural differences than she was expecting. Her artwork continues to impress people. And just when you think she couldn’t possibly improve, she in fact does. Please pray for her cultural adjustment. She truly misses her friends and Africa.
Hannah was struggling a lot in Kenya. I’d say the perfect storm described above affected her the most. Coming to Colorado Springs has been absolutely perfect for her. She’s seeing her counselor weekly. She loves going to school. She has friends. She auditioned for and got the part of the Genie in the play Aladdin. Singing and dancing is right up her alley. Pray for her as we transition next month into another house as these kinds of changes can cause great anxiety and she has overcome great things in the last 3 months with God’s help.
Hope is in Uganda. Unfortunately she won’t make it home for Christmas this year since she can’t get an interview at the US embassy until the middle of next year. In the meantime she has been using US travelers to carry bits and pieces of Uganda to us. She’s making sure we remember where our home is.
So, yes, we are in Colorado Springs for a while. We miss Uganda so much. But this season is in the hands of God. Our faith rests in His will for us.

Our new location in Colorado Springs


God Bless,

Update May 10, 2021

The President of Kenya announced this week that schools are open starting May 10th IN PERSON!

Thank you for all your prayers.


Pray for our upcoming transitions for the girls. Steve will be working remotely while I attend to the girls needs as they make these transitions

-MelindaSophia is now a Scarlet Knight! We are so proud of her. She earned merit scholarships in the most competitive program at Rutgers, only 20% get admitted and only 1/3 of those get merit scholarships. Congrats to our amazing girl.Janet will be taking a gap year where she is excited to settle into Colorado Springs. She plans to get a job, learn to drive 😉watch out CO, and catch up with friends and family. She is interested in pursuing a career in the human services field and will be narrowing down her options as she gets some experience in life outside of high school and the mission field. We are super proud of Janet and know her kindness and faith in the Lord will take her far. Madeline has been accepted at The Village High School in Colorado Springs where she will finish out her senior year. Her desire is to work part time while attending high school so she can qualify for instate tuition for university in 2022. She will be working closely with a mentor and an art instructor to prepare a substantial and compelling portfolio to get into a good art program. She is seeking a BFA in Fine Arts and a masters in Art Therapy or Education.Hannah has had some significant challenges this COVID season. She and I are excited to be checking out some new opportunities in Colorado Springs to help with both school and social issues while back on furlough. She is a courageous and brave girl with a bright future. Pray for the right member care solutions and how much she is going to miss this sweet kitty she adopted at RVA. Enda will be staying here loved by several RVA families and forever entertained by chasing wildlife and sunning in her favorite sunny garden spots.Support the HoytsJoin Our Mailing List

Update April 11, 2021

Hello from Kenya

It has been approximately one year ago that we experienced the early shut-down of Rift Valley Academy (RVA) in Kenya, followed by sending all our missionary family students to their host countries and homes around the world due to COVID 19. We write to you now seeking support for the challenges our family has faced during the past year and into 2021. And now due to another lock down and closure of Kenyan schools we ask you to pray that we will not be facing the same scenario again. We have learned much about this disease and how to combat it. Pray God will intervene with wisdom in Kenyan leaders’ minds and hearts as they evaluate the reopening of schools (we hope for May reopening so we can finish 3rd term).

We have seen God intervene in so many ways in our own lives and the lives of the students and missionary families we serve. We were amazed that in 3 days we were able to arrange spur-of-the-moment flights, buses, and transportation to airports and stations, delivering hundreds of students to their families. Some students made it back across borders hours before they closed. We saw families grow closer to each other due to online school for Term 3 of 2020 and Term 1 of 2021. We have seen new ministry relationships develop due to the aid we, ourselves, and other missionaries provided by manufacturing personal protective equipment (PPE) for local hospitals and police forces. We have seen students question and discuss hard topics like racism, inequality, and the true capacity of Christ’s love for all people. We have seen staff jump over what seemed to be insurmountable hurdles to bring school back in-person for this term, meeting all requirements of the Kenyan Ministry of Health and Education. We saw radio ministries grow, educational leaps in online teaching, and online churches, pod casts, and Bible studies. We praise to God that we had no cases of COVID on campus this entire term and that we were able to get all of our students back home again hours after Kenya announced another closure of schools and travel restrictions.

We have also seen families in pain, dealing with great emotional and mental suffering. COVID seemed to unleash upon the world a global sense of culture shock, with nothing working as expected. We, as missionaries, although familiar with culture shock, also struggled. COVID brought heightened anxiety due to fears of getting sick or losing loved ones. It brought job loss, loss of support due to the economic hardship of our supporters, academic failures due to transition from in-person teaching to online learning. Along with missing much-needed furloughs and increased hours and responsibilities due to loss of missionary staff (many traveling back to America) came increased depression.
We in the Hoyt house have experienced all of these issues and are still seeking God’s daily intervention into some hard challenges. We are thankfully well cared for in Nairobi and on the RVA campus with member care and access to Christian therapists. Our calling has not changed, and God has not left, so neither have we. We have been diligent to continue God’s work and are very excited as we look forward to our upcoming home assignment in July. It will be a balm to our souls to see you all and to share a part of our journey with you and to hear your stories. We want to celebrate your successes and mourn your sorrows, as well as catch you up on what our ministry is doing these days. We long for your community!

We look forward to seeing you (in person) later this year! 

Update March 18, 2021

Amphitheater job is progressing nicely. I really love the polyurethane coated field stone.The richness of the earthy reds and browns seems to seep more to the surface. The finish speaks to artist and pragmatic alike allowing for better ease of cleaning also and a smooth surface that is less likely to snag the fibers of ones clothes while sitting. Well done Ruben and Maintenance staff can’t wait to use this space as a school.

Update March 18, 2021

As I look at the list of goals for my sewing class I am shocked how fast this term has gone by. We are excited to be able to return to the USA in July to rest, reconnect, and transition two of our girls into university/adulting life. One more term to go pray for extended energy and grace for T3 and for me to meet all our personal/family goals so we finish 2021 well 😀