Update Dec 21, 2020

Just finished my first batch of rice filled microwave heating pads for the dorms. Steve and his team created ventilation with their screens and I am doing my part to try and tuck these kiddos in warm on windy nights. Thanks to all you dorm parents for giving everything you’ve got night and day. You are such a blessing.

Update Jan 12, 2021

My amazing husband has been creating many pieces of art in the past couple of days in his efforts to rest his mind and heart. His focus has been on the cross. I am grateful that Jesus retained his scars in his glorified state. It reminds me that all brokenness is made whole in his glorious sacrifice. I pray your brokenness, our brokenness, is laid at the feet of our glorious savior. May He bring you peace and wholeness.

Update March 18, 2021

Amphitheater job is progressing nicely. I really love the polyurethane coated field stone.The richness of the earthy reds and browns seems to seep more to the surface. The finish speaks to artist and pragmatic alike allowing for better ease of cleaning also and a smooth surface that is less likely to snag the fibers of ones clothes while sitting. Well done Ruben and Maintenance staff can’t wait to use this space as a school.

Update March 18, 2021

As I look at the list of goals for my sewing class I am shocked how fast this term has gone by. We are excited to be able to return to the USA in July to rest, reconnect, and transition two of our girls into university/adulting life. One more term to go pray for extended energy and grace for T3 and for me to meet all our personal/family goals so we finish 2021 well 😀

Update May 10, 2021

The President of Kenya announced this week that schools are open starting May 10th IN PERSON!

Thank you for all your prayers.


Pray for our upcoming transitions for the girls. Steve will be working remotely while I attend to the girls needs as they make these transitions

-MelindaSophia is now a Scarlet Knight! We are so proud of her. She earned merit scholarships in the most competitive program at Rutgers, only 20% get admitted and only 1/3 of those get merit scholarships. Congrats to our amazing girl.Janet will be taking a gap year where she is excited to settle into Colorado Springs. She plans to get a job, learn to drive 😉watch out CO, and catch up with friends and family. She is interested in pursuing a career in the human services field and will be narrowing down her options as she gets some experience in life outside of high school and the mission field. We are super proud of Janet and know her kindness and faith in the Lord will take her far. Madeline has been accepted at The Village High School in Colorado Springs where she will finish out her senior year. Her desire is to work part time while attending high school so she can qualify for instate tuition for university in 2022. She will be working closely with a mentor and an art instructor to prepare a substantial and compelling portfolio to get into a good art program. She is seeking a BFA in Fine Arts and a masters in Art Therapy or Education.Hannah has had some significant challenges this COVID season. She and I are excited to be checking out some new opportunities in Colorado Springs to help with both school and social issues while back on furlough. She is a courageous and brave girl with a bright future. Pray for the right member care solutions and how much she is going to miss this sweet kitty she adopted at RVA. Enda will be staying here loved by several RVA families and forever entertained by chasing wildlife and sunning in her favorite sunny garden spots.Support the HoytsJoin Our Mailing List